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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  November 1, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> here it is. about. >> we won it. >> for the first time since
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1954. the giants are world champions. >> can't believe it. unbelievable. fichlt fans at civic center plaza reacting to the news. san francisco giants have won the world series at last. good evening i'm dan ashley. there are impromptu party all over san francisco tonight. toilet paper streaming and people dancing in the streets in the mission. here's a guy on top of a truck waving the flag in excitement. euphoria that the home team has won the series. show you live picture from sky 7 hd at mission and 22nd street. 200 people have gathered there to celebrate this victory. the giants have not won the world series since 1954 when they played in new york. this is first time it has happened in would have thoughttart of the it was going to happen. this was a night when 2 of the best pitchers in baseball engage in a world series dual and then the aging short stop found a
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way to steal the show and what a show it was. start our coverage tonight with sports director larry biel. just great. >> exciting. nerve wracking then you get the jubilation and the wait is over. 2010 giants brought world series championship home to the city of san francisco for the first time. giants finish off the rangers in arlington and they did it the way that they have done it all season long. great pitching and one big swing. tim sporting the bow tie like owner bill. thousands gather at civic center plaza to watch on the big screen. ranger fans believing in lee. murphy, ben, elvis, see nothing and like it. tim strikes out the side. the lee had the giants held scor scoreless until the seventh. 2 on for edgar. high deep and a low had a. 3 run blast. just cleared the fence in left
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center. only 3 runs the giants scored all night. second huge homer of the series named the series most valuable player. tim give up a solo homer to nelson cruz pulled after 8 innings. wilson 1-2-3 in the 9. giants win it 3-1 and take the series 4 games-1. world series champion for the first time in 56 years. let's go live to mike with the giants in arlington.the champagne is a flowing tonight. i tell you what larry. it was so exciting as you can see family about employee everybody would works for the giant and players out here celebrating. and 56 years of torture they are calling it. waiting since 1954. celebrate in 1981 with the 49 ers. forgot how exciting it can be. the players. the management. the coaches. everybody just going crazy. as you can see here in the clubhouse afterwards champagne. beer.
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any kind of liquid you can find was flying everywhere. and this was an exciting, exciting group of young players and all hand on deck was the story the team all year. no real superstar t.guys just all contributing. taking different turns. and i talked to several of the players about what it felt like being a world series champion. >> what does it mean? means everything. san francisco is going nuts. we are going nuts. we have worked our ass off to get here and it's paying off and it's cold and feels really good. and we have another one coming here. wait for it. about. >>reporter: world series champ quon how does it sound. bw sound. perfect. how about winning it in the home state. >> amazing. if do this here in front of a lot of people i grew up idolizing. coach from high school and friends. my family
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is here. if special, man. pirngs all right. what a moment it was in the clubhouse. can't imagine celebration and just a pure joy and excitement. it doesn't set in when you win a world championship like this. you just celebrate. tomorrow it will settle in. parade set for wednesday and once again as you can see everybody just can not get over it. of course we have a lot more coming up in sports. mean time i'm lighting up my victory cigar back to you larry. >> a little red victory cigar. thanks check back with you in agent bit as shoe mentioned victory parade take plague place on wednesday and more details later on on that. >> ticker tape. >> absolutely. they go down on the financial district and we have live coverage of that. but unbelievable. the you see the emotion. you have grown men in tears. you have brian wilson who is insane and added help for the job that he does
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but just so much fun and you can't get enough of this. >> brian wilson move. >> the move at the end of the game. >> exciting. brian wilson and tim everybody was a great pitching story this series. >> this series and the whole season because the giants if they scratch out runs. they have to scrape and fight and claw for every run they get t.rangers had the best offense in baseball and they were shut out twice in this series by giants pitching and it all came together. really a magical year. magical run for the san francisco giant. >> great for the whole city. custodian looked at at me as i walked in i said hello. we are champions he said. everybody feels it. >> absolutely. thanks? there's a run on orange tie. no more orange time. we are out of orange. >> i know that. >> thanks very much. >> fans are going crazy. sometimes too much. you can see them getting agent too cozy with police car in the mission district tonight. lee is live at civic center plaza where the crowd watched the victory on a
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jumbotron. >> of it has been amazing out here this evening. and you can see why. it has been so wonderful. thea5 crowd is lovg it. him if all about the team. wonderful. thea5 crowd is lovg it. him if all about the team. and they are if jammed. check the if about can't believe it. unbelievable. unbelievable. if we won that. we won it. we took it. >> it has been a long time. it
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has. i love it. this is great. awesome. him if giant giants. if go giants. >> they made it look easy. way tooi. but giants baseball i istor tuvrment though we love it. >> way to go. if right here it. >> way to go. if right here right now. yes san francisco. s if. >> 7th inning we got down to civic center right away. we had to make it. it was 3 and o. >>reporter: what is the parade like. >> crazy. crazy. the fichlt we are in the parade right now. the love you.
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if. >> civic center plaza. lee there live. i think she has been swallowed up by the crowd. she's fine of course but they are all so excited about it. probably easy not to broadcast at the moment from there but we'll go back to lee later on in the hour. it has been such an exciting night. you can understand san francisco fans have been waiting so long for this night. celebration are still happening all around san francisco. this was the crowd erupting in bar near at&t park. people who just wanted to be near the park when the game was played. about fans as we said spilled out on to the street. cars honking the horns non-stop. there is joy and excitement everywhere. why not? the san francisco giants are the world series champions. >> the city is finalizing plan for victory parade we mention for the giant. it will happen wednesday at 11 in the morning. the tentative route has it going through the financial district, up market street to civic center plaza where there will be a big rally and you will hear from players coaches no doubt. carry the parade
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live here at abc 7. wednesday morning and striment on line on abc 7 so stay here with us for the big celebration and parade on wednesday morning at 11:00 a.m. as giant bring home the world series championship. >> well, we get back to the giants more baseball later in the hour but there is much more to get to here tonight. come up. grandfather risk is his own life trying to protect his grand child from halloween night gunfire in san francisco. his story coming up. plus an 80-year-old woman makes a plea after she is robbed of her purse and her do dog. >> i guess of can't sleep burt. i can't fall asleep. >> count sheep then. >> if some teenagers counting nightcast is text messages. still ahead. digital disruption causing a nightmare for parents. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. weather warmer just in time for the red
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hot giants to return to the bay area. i have the accu-weather
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chase what matters. sign up at a branch today. >> sky 7 hd at mission and 22nd street in san francisco, live, one of a number of street celebrations in the city
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tonight as the giants win the world series over the texas rangers in 5 games. san francisco hasn't won a world series in 56 years. let's go to celebration tonight is absolutely one of exuberance and exhilaration. fans couldn't be more excited about this enormous accomplishment. parade set for wednesday in the city. the giants did this in game 5 at texas stadium in arlington, texas. not here at home so the party will come back here when the team arrives tomorrow. no doubt a lot of people there to greet them when they return to san francisco. >> more baseball this week as we continue but other big story tonight. politics. it is the final push to get out the vet for the candidate for governor. crisscrossing the state on the eve of the election. front runner jerry brown held a final campaign stop in oakland tonight while republican whitman is discounting recent poll that show her trailing by double digit at this late hour. political reporter mark matthews tonight on what has become the most expensive
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governor race in state history. hundreds of brown supporters crowd nude out door restaurant in san diego old town to hear jerry brown say california will once more lead the nation. >> we don't know what is going on in the rest of the country but after this election tomorrow when we win we are going to make the sunrise in the west and move over to the east. >>reporter: in los angeles he called for coming together. >> if we think of ourselves as californians first not just republicans or democrats we can get to the solution and can buildup our state again. >>reporter: then went on to salinas before heading home to oakland. meg whitman itinerary was just the opposite. starting in northern california and heading south. about at her first stop in menlo park whitman discounted the poll that showed her trailing. the. >> well our poll show this to be a dead heat. and you can see even some of the public polls were narrowing over the last few days. this is all going to depend on voter turn
9:16 pm
out. >>reporter: looking at the polling average since february whitman surged ahead in april was tied in the middle of may and was ahead again on the 15th of the september. look what happened since. silver and 5 38 team now give whitman a 4 percent chance of winning. >> several things going on. >>reporter: bruce cane says mid september is when jerry brown launched the ad campaign. whitman had a lack luster first debate. next day gloria allred put whitman former house keep interfront of the camera. >> 3 of these events together helped to define meg what the man in ways that seemed to move latino women voters in particular. >>reporter: the professor says she didn't have a lot of room to maneuver on the housekeeper story. if she showed compassion she would have had a problem with her base. >> if they treated her the way they did somewhat coldly then they were going to have a problem with women and with latino and they chose the poison but turn out to be a lethal one.
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>>reporter: professor says whitman does have a chance tomorrow but like silver at 5 38 if it's at 4 percent, 96 percent chance that jerry brown is the once and future governor of california. from oakland, abc 7 news. >> we had more politic bring you shortly. take you back to this live picture now from sky 7 hd. in the mission at mission and 22nd street hundreds of people have gathered to celebrate the giant victory as you can see here very plainly they lit a fire. looks like in the middle of the street and if with signs not causing any real trouble as you can tell but they are probably doing something the authority wish they would not the do which is lighting things on problem. no problem other than that. but giant fans have been waiting for this day and when the season started who knew would it end tonight in a world series championship against the texas rangers in the arlington, texas tonight. again live picture from mission and 22nd
9:18 pm
street. there's alsos a celebration at civic center. people are out doors and at at&t park. there's people that spilled out on to the street there a number of also spot celebration going on. this may be the largeers. a lot of people watching the game at the plaza. again no problems so far. let's certainly hope it stays that way and fans celebrate this victory in a fun and harmless way. we'll keep you updated as the evening progresses. >> long wait. >> let's come back and talk to spencer. huge baseball fan. >> this would have been great if game here. warm. >> great night to stay in and watch the game. >> too warm for a fire. >> maybe it was the with thanks started the warm. by november standard this is like a heat wave. live view of the current weather condition coyote tower from the roof top camera at 7. giants colors. appropriately displayed on this night of the first world series championship ever for the san
9:19 pm
francisco giants. long long wait finally the fans and the giants organization are being rewarded with fine weather as well as championship right now temperatures readings are 60 degrees in san francisco. 64 in oakland. really mild this hour tonight on november 1st. 62 over in antioch. 60 at half moon bay and 50's in most other location. 61 at san jose. might throw that into the mix as well. highlights clear and cool night ahead and dangerous waves are building. we need to keep that in mine. right now wave height at average level but high surf advisory in effect from 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morning until 3:00 o'clock wed afternoon. large breaking waves to reach heights of 15 to 20 feet. could be strong rip current so the weather is lovely but might be good idea to stay away from the coast lane for awhile. a little wave calm down. here's what building up the waves. big powerful storm in the gulf of alaska is whipping up those if high as well as moving in our direction. that is what is elevating the wave height.
9:20 pm
however go back to the atmosphere in the bay e dominatr weather picture and bring us sunny mild conditions. very mild to warm as a matter of fact for the next several days. inland high and climb into the 80's before this warm wave ends. overnight tonight low pressure up in the mid 40's parts of the north bay. napa. santa rosa 45. 46 up at clover dale. see low 48 at livermore. 49 morgan hill and santa cruz at 47. half moon bay most other location will see low tonight and did i say high i meant low in the 50's. on we go to high tomorrow. under sunny skies in the south bay. look for high in the u upper 70s to almost 80. 78 degrees in san jose. 79 in campbell. 78 at last gattoes. peninsula we go high in the upper 70's. 78 at red wad city. palo alto mountain view 77 san mateo and loto mid 70's on the coast at pacifica and a half moon bay on november 2nd. in and around san francisco downtown 75
9:21 pm
degrees will be the high sunset district 72 degrees. that's warmer than summer sunset up in the north bay high will approach 80 degrees. 79 in calistoga. 78 santa rosa. 79 at clover dale. nearest bay we see mid upper 70's. 76 at oakland san leandro and 78 at fremontment over the hill into the inland valley. upper 70's to almost 80. 78 at concord and danville and 79 at walnut creek and near monterey bay look for high of 80 at santa cruz. 74 monterey and inland low 80's at holster and morgan hill and salinas. 7 day forecast high pressure will climb even higher on wednesday. mid 80's inland. up to about 80 around the bay and mid 70's on the coast. temperatures taper off a little bit on thursday. friday cooler with clouds and slight chance of showers and another chance of rain mainly in the north bay on sunday. by the way tomorrow is election day. for those who haven't voted already great day to get out and vote. great gay to stay home also but please vote.
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>> absolutely vote by all means and weather will not be a factor. >> lovely weather. >> parade wednesday. >> wednesday is the warmest day in the forecast period. so awesome day for parade. >> excellent thanks. >> a lot going on this week. >> if you have an i-phone why you might want to have a back up this weekend. we have that you might want to have a back up this weekend. we have that story as we insanity is doing e same thing over and over again and
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>> here's something you don't see every day. bull made a rundown contra costa county highway 4 this morning after escaping from a nearby ranch. animal ran with traffic for awhile but then jumped the median and started running against traffic. so officers worried would it get back out on the road and cause an accident say they had no khoy but to shoot it. >> elderly east bay woman is asking for some help tonight finding her precious yorkie.
9:26 pm
someone stole her little pet dog over the weekend. laura has the story now from alameda. >> i held on as best i koyshtion 80-year-old helen has a large blood blister on her right hand. injury that illustrate just how hard she fought to keep 2 robbers from taking her precious yorkie. named duke. battle she lost. >> it seems to me they had better things to do open a saturday afternoon than to rob an old lady. >>reporter: saturday at 2 in the afternoon she was doing what she of does. walking with her red cart and 6-year-old dog at alameda home. place the car stop two young men got out and started to ask for directions. >> they told me to give them my purse and give me my dog and i didn't do it and the next second he said i have a gun. he grabbed the dog and grabs thpue e and wrenched it away from me. i couldn't hang on.
9:27 pm
>> you rob a helpless innocent older elderly woman. take her purse then you have to take her dog on top of that? that's all she has. it is like her family. that's her baby to her. >> touches a cord for anyone a relative that walk as dog and brazen crime and we are going to work very hard to bring these people to justice. >> one thing he has a micro chip with the i.d. implanted under his skin. >> yes. if they will just drop him off at the pound or veterinary or anywhere and get i would just be happy if they did that. >>reporter: even if he doesn't come home helen said she won't leti] what happened here rob her of her independent. her friends and family have all chipped in t.offering reward for the safe return. in alameda, abc 7 news. when we continues tonight. the state of arizona stands up for strict enforcements of immigration law. battle being
9:28 pm
waged now in a san francisco courtroom. >> sarah shore offers revealing new details about her arrest in iran. how she was lured into illegally crossing the border. >> stay with us. another half illegally crossing the border. >> stay with us. another half hour of news begin what are you doing, friending somebo? yeah. you got time for tha you got time to earn moreon you, online at that's new school banking, baby instead ofarning squatootski... your savings will earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one intestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? and i always get a little worried when i watch the games, because they could hurt themselves... and doctors are so expensive an..what if -- [ umpire ] safe!! what do yomean he was safe? he was out!!!!! i just wt to make sure they're okay, you know?
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i know many of you see this election as an unhappy choice between a longme politician with no plan for the future and a billionaire wih no government experience. well, let tell you my story. my husband and came here as newlyweds. we raised our faly here and the california dream came true for me in ways i could never have agined. now i'm running for goverr to restore the california drea for everyone. i'm not a career politician or a hollywood star. i'm from licon valley, where i created thousands of jobs at ebay. as governor, i'll something that's been missing from california politic for far too long. i'll treat youike grownups, tell it to you straight,
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and offer a practical plan frward. a i know that cleaning up sacramento won't be easy our problems are ugh, but so am i. if you want more of the same fromacramento, then vote for my opponent. but if you want to get california moving agn, i'm ready. are you? >> this is most amazing fivling ever had. you know. except for the birth of my 2 kids, this is, i can't even believe what just happened. >> first championship for this organization. the since they moved west in 1958. pirjs giants win the world series. the team and the fans go crazy. both in texas about and in san francisco. they beat the texas rangers 3-1 in the series
9:32 pm
taking it 4 games -- taking the series 4-1. they last won the championship in 1954 then moved west to san francisco in 1958. it has been just a fun night for the bay area. for baseball fans. even if you don't care about baseball it's terrific. we have more on the big win tonight a little later on in sports but let's press forward with other news. legal battle over arizona controversial immigration law made its way to san francisco today. key portion of that law were blocked by federal judge now arizona is asking the 9 circuit court of appeals here to reverse the ruling. we were in court and explains what happened. >> reporter: it was the state of arizona versus the u.s. government. >> which basically is just to decide who should and should not be admitted to the country and the circumstances under which a legal entrance should remain. >>reporter: arizona is asking 3 member panel to unblock a key
9:33 pm
portion of the law that would require polices to check a person legal status. fv legal analyst dean johnson says it wouldn't be a matter of could but musts. >> in this case arizona has said one of the things that you as an officer have to do as a matter of law if you detain a person lawfully is to check on immigration status. >>reporter: deputy solicitor general for the u.s. government argued this would undermine federal immigration enforcement. >> it is therefore important not to allow for a patch work of state law but rather for the nation to speak with one voice. >>reporter: the controversial law would have required police to lock up anyone they stop who can not show proof they entered the country legally. but before it went into effect the federal judge blocked parts of it. among them one provision that says illegal aliens can not even lack for work. about something an earlier panel of the nine circuit court had ruled as uncons stawtional. >> they have said no. that's
9:34 pm
unconstitutional. you can't prohibit the person from even aplaying for a job so that he can feed himself and clothes himself while in the country. >>reporter: many attend today's hearing anticipate the 9th circuit court of appeal may keep some provision and toss out others. governor of arizona signed the bill into law and was there today. >> fit is a split diagnosis then i'm grateful for my side of the split. if it happens that way and of course we will move on. we'll move forward if to the supreme court. >>reporter: outside tension ran high between arizona law supporters and thoses who oppose it firm. ta not taking up the whole state. >>reporter: injunction is lifted police in arizona are expected to begin enforcing the law almost immediately. in the news ramp, abc 7 news. federal about appeals court has also ordered military ban on openly gay troops to remain
9:35 pm
in place indefinitely while legal ballot is fought over the policy. court last month issued a temporary injunciton blocking a judge's ruling over turning the don't ask don't tell law. pentagon says that injunction should stay in place until the military devices new policy. ruling means troops can still be discharged for being openly game. sarah shore of oakland he reveals new details about her capture in iran. she was arrested along with fiance and their friend last year. shore who was released on bail in september tells "the new york times"they were hiking when an unmarked, on unmarked dirt road in iraq an armed guard gestured for them to approach. only afterward did he indicate they had crossed into iran. plt others are expected to go on trial saturday but the trial postponed today because short is not legally summoned to appear yet. >> a little girl could have been killed if it were not for
9:36 pm
the quick thinking and courage of her grandfather. when bullet started to fly he threw himself on top the of her and shot in the process. 3-year-old watkins was the youngest person hit by the gunfire. happened at 25 and connecticut streets on halloween. but 2 others were also hurt in the portrero hill neighborhood last night. story from vick lee. >> 3-year-old if watkins and her mother were on their way home after trick-or-treating. the child's grandfather williamson was waiting at home with more treats for her. then the unimaginable happened. >> as shots rang out and i got hit in the leg then i fell then my daughter started screaming where's the baby and the baby was jumping up and down so i crawled over and grabbed her by the collar and snatched her and rolled her up under me and rolled over behind some cans to wait until the shots stopped. >>reporter: investigators tell us the shooter fired from an assault weapon in a handgun and
9:37 pm
they believe it was gang related. little girl was shot in the thigh. williams who is rae leased from the hospital this morning says she's going to make it. but the shooting has left this portrero hill neighborhood devastated and angry fichlt don't understand why you if jeopardize a little kid. i'm starting to get a little teary eye. >>reporter: william jones kids were trick-or-treating with the little girl just before she was shot. >> she get along with even. everybody love her. >>reporter: generals son antonio knows the world no 9-year-old should know. >> if i the figure a drive-by. >>reporter: this was not tomorrow shooting yesterday. there was one in the morning and another in the afternoon. all within a block of the one last night. >> pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop then i just hit got laid on the floor. >>reporter: did he that's johnson heard them all. so did rose and in fact a bullet went
9:38 pm
through her window and lodged on the wall. >> this is where my mom sits at so had she stood up about to take the grand kid around or whatever the bullet could have hit my mom in the head. >>reporter: well, you heard the neighbors. they say it was like a war zone neighborhood all day yesterday. police believe this was all gang related and would very much like the public help in solving this case. everyone would. vick lee, 7 news. beauty competition turns ugly. coming up next. did politic cost one contestant a crown? >> debate of drugs. tonight why one expert says alcohol is worse than heroin. findings when we
9:39 pm
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insider stock deals. after ebay sharolders sued and a judge cited the obvious conflict of intere she was forced to pay the money back. what kind of person would be inlved in deals a fellow republican congreman called corrupt? and in her last year at ebay, whitman paid herself120 million right before the company laid off 1 of it's workers. we're choosing a governor, ouldn't character matter?
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about. >> used to be parents worry about kids sneak ago flashlight into bed to reed comic book under the blanket. i did that as a kid maybe you did as well. now youngsters taking their phones and texting upped cover. but there are very real consequences. talktors at jfk sleep disorder clip nick new jersey studied a number of teenagers and majority were texting gaming or computing after going to bed supposedly. doctors say on average kids are spending -- sending 34 text annoy. they say the interruptions are linked to poor sleep. irritability and even problems like anxiety disorders. so what to do. researchers suggest parents set appropriate times for texting or even take computers out of the bedroom all together. >> new study warns that heavy drinking is worse for you than using illegal drugs. british experts value substance all the drug and analyze how addictive the substance is. how it harms
9:43 pm
the body. role in breaking up family and the economic costs such as health care, social services and prison. they concluded that drinking alcohol far surpasses drug ins terms of over all health burden on our society. study was published today in the medical journal lands. >> in recent poll show prop 19 the measure to legalize marijuana is falling behind. one actor and comedian doing what he can to generate some buzz about it. the take a loo look. about that is zack if he lit a joint on real time hbo show last night. he says he was trying to shatter the lingering taboo of marijuana use. fellow round table guest conservative great grand-daughter of herbert
9:44 pm
hoover sniffed the joint and said it was a real deal but the publicity says the comedian was pulling everybody's leg. >> first of its kind get out the vote in oakland. friendly cab will give registered oakland voters free taxi rides to and from the polling polices between 7 and 9:00 a.m. and 6 and 8:00 p.m. poll close at 8. call the number on the screen if you need a ride. we have posted it at 7 under see it on tv. >> and we will have live coverage of state wide and local races tomorrow night of course right here on coffee tv 20. cable channel 13. we'll also have a complete wrap up on 7 news at 11:00 p.m. over on channel 7. plus we have up to the minute election result at 7 all night long. so i hope you will stay with 7 on line and on air. we will bring you the very latest up to the minute election results tomorrow night as people two to the poll. coming up next. >> space is about to get its
9:45 pm
first human from planet [ male announcer ] with jer brown, it's just one dishonest smear after another d another. st a dishonest politician, trying to hidhis record of failure. the real brown plan? more spending on out-of-conol state pensions. more favors for the g teachers union,
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82. >> china animosity over norway know no, sir bound. dissident won the prize last month. long time advocate for human rights in china. reports say china is still angry about the award and pressured judges that this weekend miss world contest giving the con at the anti-from norway low scores. 23-year-old norwegian was considered the front runner but didn't even crack the top 5. instead 18-year-old from kentucky was crowned the winner. one note about technology tonight. heads up. a lot of unhappy i-phone users in europ europe. continent turned back the clock yesterday as part of
9:49 pm
daylight savings time. while the i-phone registered the change the alarm function did not. meaning those users woke up an hour later. in the meantime when the the time changed in australia and new zealand last month users were awake ended an hour early. the it doesn't happen here until this coming weekend so if you have an i-phone 4 you might want to set a back up alarm in case the same thing happens on this continent. >> when the space shuttle discovery lifts off wed a human robot is hitching a one way ride. made by general motors and nasa uses vision technolog technology, sensor and controls's going to help astronauts with housekeeping chores aboard the space station pt eventually upgraded rob 0if naught will take part in the space walk. >> when do they get one to clean house and vacuum. >> hope they don't get one to do weather. >> never happen. spencer here
9:50 pm
with the forecast. >> quite warm today. >> look nribing they do. >> exactly. we had temperatures today in the 70's. only going to continue rising. here's the 7 day forecast by wednesday we see high pressure inland and mid 80's up to about 80 around the bay and mid 70's on the coast then we see temperatures moderate ago bit before slight chance of showers on friday. tomorrow is election day. weather will be no excuse for not getting out to vote. lovely outside. >> excellent. perfect thank you spencer very much. >> from the weather both to the sports machine. what a great night for the giants. >> unbelievable. celebrate never like this again. if first time. totally unexpected. fantastic. more from the giants victory celebration in texas. world champ first time since moving to san francisco. highlights, post game reaction a little bubblele
9:51 pm
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i'm ready. are you? i'm ready. >> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. celebrations happening around is an fran because of the giants big win. we have all that for you coming up live in one hour. but let go back to
9:54 pm
larry now and talk about this really historic but thrilling moment for the city and for baseball and san francisco. >> people are going crazy. rightfully so. one giants fan in arlington held up a sign that said it all. torture never felt this good. team was unofficial slogan giants baseball torture won the first world series since moving to san francisco in 1958. giants defeating texas 3-1 to wrap up the series 4 games to 1. just like the owner, tim sporingt the bow tie look. thousands in civic center plaza to watch the game. ranger fans with the belief in cliff lee to prolong the series. he looked terrific for awhile. sanchez clubs a beauty in the third. bottom third. murphy and andrews. 10 strike out for tim on the night. scoreless until the seventh. mvp ross base hit up the middle to get things going t.juan. another single. that
9:55 pm
sets the table for edgar. 2-o count with two down. he hangs a slider and edgar crushes it. deep to left center. just barely gets over the geico sig sign. approximately in the plaza pandemonium. rent ri a second big series. bottom 7 rangers not going quietly. nelson cruz here it comes. there it goes. off tim. but only a solo home tore make it a 3-1 game. bruce pushing all the right buttons. keeps tim in. settle down. scoreless 8 then pulled in favor of wilson. wilson was bringing it. jsh hamilton and 2 down the final out right here. >> for the giant throw swing and a miss and that's it. the giants for the first time in 52 years play of the night giants are world champions. as they come pouring out of the dug ou
9:56 pm
out. >> time out called by duane on knbr radio. what a scene. and the party will go on for days. all right let's bring in mike live from arlington, texas. shoe, looks like things quieted down behind you there. can't immanuel everybody left this early. i'm sure more partying to go. >> well the team actually is anything back tonight to san francisco. will party on the plane and it was just i can tell you from experience with the 49 ers. there's nothing like the first time anything. the emotion tonight was joust raw. you go through training camp. 162 games. 2 play off series and of course the world series and emotion is just raw and almost prime. check out the celebration afterward. these guys you don't know how to act. bottling this up for years or for the whole season and then boom it just comes out. and it's a feeling that i wish everybody could experience. it's just so raw. so emotional and most didn't know what to do
9:57 pm
or say. they just went crazy. shooting beer. shooting wine all of each other just having fun and they are the world series champion. afterward we talked to some of the fellas. >> city of san francisco have to be going nuts. >> there is going to be some serious damage and i hope it's a lot going on right now. fichlt can't really describe it. just amazing. exciting. you know. very emotional. kind of don't really know how to pick what emotion to go with right now. >> 5 love it. fichlt crazy. crazy to think. all the great baseball players that have come through san francisco. hadn't been a world series champion. extremely humble. >> about now the experts pick us left and show what they kno know. >> great pitching. defense. and timely hit. that's what we did. expert be damped. him if
9:58 pm
booked it in the seventh. fichlt all right. i'm still jacked up and didn't even play if the game larry so it was something toa bee hold and i was so proud of the teams. >> unbelievable but edgar what a story. mvp. injured for much of the regular season. almost kind of a forgotten guy so clutch in the post season. 4 players game winning rbi and 2 world series clinching game. derek and now the hit from florida and did it again tonight. so fitting. tip tie this is team because it has been described as group of miss fits and cast off and edgar not a guy you would expect to be in the spot. 34-year-old short stop con semi-plating retirement. >> well, i tell you what wouldn't be a better way to go out than on top world series champion and mvp. we are up in the left field bleacher and
9:59 pm
couldn't see if it was going to go out. afterward he talked about just that experience. >> somebody who is fep joybl force. >> edgar has been through it. i wanted a leader out there. he's a guy all the players look up to. i know it has been a tough year. dl. but what a pro he has been through all this. >> all right let me go ahead and start the merchandising that will happen at the world series. of course we have more come up later at 11:00 o'clock in sport. back to you larry. >> anything orange i think will sell very well right now. >> like hot cake. exciting stuff. >> more giants coming coming up in an hour on channel 7. for all of us here, i'm dan thanks in an hour on channel 7. for all of us here, i'm dan thanks for watching ts got it d


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